Keep Bloom Blooming

Bunches of fresh cut tulips will be available for purchase or, better yet, select your own in our u-pick field. For those who’d like to grow their own tulips, you can pre-order your bulbs online for the Fall.

Bring Bloom Home
Caring for your tulips

  • Trim tulip stems
  • Arrange in vase
  • Use fresh cold water
  • Repeat every 2 days for maximum enjoyment
  • Fresh cut tulips are available at our on-site flower market.
  • 10 stem tulip bunches are sold for $5.00 per bunch or 5 bunches for $20.00 (one bunch free).
  • Flowers from our u-pick field are $1.00 per stem.

Planting Tulip Bulbs

  • Select healthy tulip bulbs
  • Plant in late September or early Fall
  • Choose a garden area that has well drained soil
  • Plant in partial to full sun
  • Dig a hole 6 – 8 inches deep
  • Add bone meal or granular fertilizer to loose soil in hole
  • Place bulbs 2 – 3 inches apart in hole
  • Cover and pack down the soil
  • Water if soil is dry
  • Flower foliage will break through the soil in late January
  • Beautiful tulips will bloom in April

How to Order Bulbs

Bulb orders must be prepaid in order to process and can be placed online.

Bulb orders will be shipped in the Fall, just in time for planting.

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