We want Bloom to be accessible to everyone. However, with our event being on a working farm, that impacts our wheelchair & stroller accessibility. Please check site updates and weather conditions to ensure our field is suitable for your visit.


Most strollers are able to get around our grounds comfortably.  People with strollers designed for trails / off-road will have the best experience, although most durable full size strollers work well too.  Here are the exceptions: Umbrella type mini strollers with the thin, small wheels. Parents with multiple strollers will have a difficult time, both hands will be needed to maneuver around the field.


Wheelchairs with wider or pneumatic tires and an attendant to assist, will be able to navigate through the fields with a moderate amount of effort. Exceptions are: heavier wheelchairs (ie: specialty electric wheelchairs), or those with thin wheels, will have a more difficult time in our field, given the outdoor terrain. Wheelchairs without attendants are not recommended as assistance will be required in certain areas.