Drone Policy Information & Application

At Bloom, while we love the beautiful sky high images that drones can capture, unfortunately, our site does not meet the guidelines set by Transport Canada to safely fly recreational drones the minimum required distance away from vehicles, farm equipment and guests. To keep our visitors and equipment safe, drones are not permitted during business hours.

Should you wish to apply to Bloom to fly after hours, please first visit;  Government of Canada: UAV Operations Centre Site Selection Tool to confirm whether your drone is permitted in the area. Given our close proximity to the Abbotsford Airport and our location within the “No Drone Zone”, please carefully review the policies and procedures to submit for a Special Flight Operation Certificate (SFOC) and ensure you receive the following;

  • Approved SFOC certification
  • Copy of drone specific liability insurance (minimum 5 million)
  • Approval from YXX control tower

Once you have received the above items, please fill out our Drone Application form and ensure to provide your SFOC certification and approvals to; [email protected] and we will get back to you should we approve your application. *Please note, providing completed documents and SFOC approvals does not guarantee Bloom approval.