A few notes regarding this Long Weekend and reference for further busy weekends to come…

Please dress appropriately! The festival is a farm so the fields are muddy. Even if the sun is out, the fields may still be muddy from the rain earlier in the week.

What does dressing appropriately look like? BOOTS! Also please take into consideration the highs and lows in temperature for the day and dress accordingly.

Tickets go VERY quickly for sunny weekends, especially holidays. If tickets are sold out and you have not purchased a ticket online, you will be turned away at the gate. Which we hate to have to do, but is necessary to ensure everyone’s safety and well being. Plus tickets are best priced online so it’s a win-win!

This season is off to a great start, and we’re ecstatic to continue to make many memories with you. We hope this helps you in preparation for your visit to Bloom!

See you soon!