Buckle up everyone! Tulip season is officially upon us and your friends at Bloom could not be more excited to share what we have in store this year.

Ticket sales will be proceeding in the same form as previous seasons in being released every Tuesday for the following week. The reason we don’t release them all at once is because our festival is weather dependent, and we can’t confirm at this time exactly what weeks we will be open.

Tickets for April 15 – 19 are now available for purchase, so if you want to attend the festival during Low Bloom we suggest getting tickets for these dates. If you are not a fan of crowds, we highly recommend visiting the festival during this time as it only gets busier as the season goes on. Follow this link to purchase tickets – Bloom

If you are the ultimate tulip fan may we suggest our exclusive VIP Flower Crown Package!? It truly is the most IDEAL way to attend the festival (and you don’t have to wait in line!). For more information on being a Bloom VIP Member, click here!

Tulip season is such a blessed time of community, creativity, and joy – and we at Bloom are HONOURED to provide a space to cultivate such beauty.

See you in the fields!